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Can you name these facts about the city of Lyon?

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Geography - History
Important river 
Important river 
Hill with 'Basilique Notre-Dame' 
Hill 'the Red Cross' 
Business district with main railway station 
Largest place 
Largest park, including a zoo 
Number of arrondissements 
Population rank in the country 
Largest suburban commune 
Latin name under Roman Empire 
Called capital of this ancient region 
Important production of this textile material during Renaissance 
Lumière brothers invented this in Lyon 
People - Events - Things
Former mayor, now Minister of the Interior 
WWII resistant leader emprisonned there 
Physicist born here, giving his name to a unit of electric current 
Seat of this Intergovernmental organization 
Festival occuring on 8 December 
Soccer team 
Principal stadium 
Cathedral's name (Saint ...) 
Name of passageways, secret passages 
Traditional restaurants 
Nickname of the highway crossing the city 
Sausage that evokes the name of a flower 
Wine producing region in north-west 
Principal airport 
Animal on coat of arms 

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