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Can you name the bridges of Paris (on Seine) from the provided clues?

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named forbridgeclue
Its geographical position on Seine RiverWord meaning 'upstream'.
Renamed like this at the end of 2nd French Empireadj. relating to a particular country.
Site of a battle between Franks and Alemanii in 496The place is now called 'Zülpich' in Germany.
French writer, Simone de B.French for 'beautiful' + French for 'to see'
Neighborhood with Ministry of Finances, B...-
Leader of Free France during WWII, became president laterSounds like the name of France region in Antiquity
Site of a Napoleonic battle, in modern Czechia, A...-
Duke of S..., Minister of Henry IVCan be a nickname for persons named 'Sullivan'
Christophe M., who built this bridgeThe mother of Jesus Christ, in French
A gun turret found there in 12th centuryFrench 'tower' + abbrev. of 'north' + French for 'she'
The last King of France1. L...ville, Kentucky; 2. Current King of Belgium, P.
A medieval King of France, canonizedSecond city of Missouri by population
An old 'archiepiscopal see' in the areaLiterally 'archbishopric bridge'
Site of a Napoleonic battle, in Italy, A..A curve + A Spanish expression of excitement
A toll in 1634, people had to pay 'two' deniersadj. twice the quantity.
The cathedrale next to the bridge (probably)French for 'Our Lady'
Its size'Litte Bridge' literally
Money changers established thereOne of Obama's slogans
A biblical ArchangelShares his name with a touristic site in Normandy
The bridge was different to other when it was builtMeans 'new bridge', though it's the oldest now.
Le Louvre, called 'Palais des A..' during 1st EmpireCreative activities, usually with an aesthetic focus.
Place du C., next to the bridgeRide in a carnival, with seats fashioned like animals
Louis XIV, who totally financed the buildingadj. relating to the king
President of Senegal (1960-1980)-
Place de la C., next to the bridgeName close to the capital of New Hampshire
The Russian Tsar (1881-1894)Macedonian king that conquered Persia
Hôtel des I., next to the bridgemeans : 'disabled members of the armed forces'
A river near Sevastopol, site of Crimean War battleBridge where Lady Diana died in 1997
Jean-Louis D., General in the Grande ArméeFrench for 'of' + Diminutive of William
Site of a Napoleonic battle, city in Thuringia.-
Site of a WWII battle, in Libya, B..-H...-
A street, after Guillaume-François R., chemistOld French word meaning 'little wheel'
The neighborghood it is located, G...Name of a 2007 debate about ecology.
Comte de M., a revolutionary Russian for 'peace' + article + French for 'beautiful'
River in Italy, site of a WWII battle, G...-
Its geographical position on Seine RiverWord meaning 'downstream'.

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