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Can you name the Wyoming counties from the provided clues?

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named forcountyclue
The capital of New York StateSounds almost like an European country
Mountains in east of the county1. Of a great size; 2. Pointed part on cows' head
John Allen C., governor of the Wyoming TerritoryName of a soup company, that inspired Andy Warhol
Coal mines opened there in 1868Chemical element (C) with atomic number of 6
Amasa R. C.., banker from CheyenneTo talk with someone ; (or a shoe brand)
George C., commander during Indian WarA curved or hooked part of something
John F., who also gave his name to a Californian cityname of French origin
Place given to Hebrews by the pharaoh, in the BibleWord of surprise, alteration of “God” + French for 'in'
Geothermal features found in the county1. Of a high temperature; 2. Water sources
E. P. J., a Cheyenne attorneyUS Presidents, e.g. Lyndon B. J.
a city in south-east WyomingNamed for 'Jacques La Ramée', a Canadian trapper
Abraham L., President of the USAalso a city in east England
Mixture of sodium carbonate decahydrateFrom 'natrium' the latin name of sodium
A river in Wyoming and NebraskaFrom Ponca 'Ní Ubthátha khe', ('water spread-out')
UnknownAn area set aside for environment preservation.
A river in WyomingFrench feminine singular for 'flat'
City in north Wyoming, named for Philip S.From Irish surname 'O'Sirideáin'
William S., 19th century pioneer From French surname 'Soblet'
A river in the countyVery pleasing + Dihydrogen monoxide
A mountain range in north-west WyomingFrom French word meaning 'nipple'
Mountains in Utah5th vowel + Abbreviation of 'interior' + article
Chief W. , trapper whose name means 'The Rattle'To clean with water + Alaska code + 'id est'
John W., geologist and surveyorA compass point + At the upper surface

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