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Name the departments of Uruguay from the provided clues.

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named forislandclue
José Gervasio A., one of Uruguay foundersMaybe from 'artigar', ('do slash-and-burn agriculture')
A species of cinnamon'cannelloni' in Spanish, tube pastas
Maybe a topographic aspect of the area'long hill' in Spanish
From C.. del Sacremento, in the departmentFounded by Portuguese, means 'colony'
Capital of the department, first called 'San Pedro del D.''peach' in America's Spanish (from latin 'duracĭnus')
Venancio F., President of Uruguay'flowers' in Spanish
José Moñino, 1st Count of F....blanca'flowery' (feminine form) in Spanish
Juan Antonio L., Uruguayan revulutionaryA city in Quebec + 'the' in French + 'yes' in German
A river; after La M..., a woman abandonned there (legend)'badly' + 'donated' in Spanish
Cerro de M... , a fortress there.Version rejected by experts : from Portuguese 'I saw a mount'
Several hypotheses, maybe Ypauzandó Island.To give money + ground rock forming beach + 5th vowel
A river flowing in the department'black river' in Spanish
Fructuoso R., a Uruguayan general'stream' in Spanish
Probably for Arroyo R., a stream there'rock', in Portuguese
Its capital, near little falls on Uruguay rivera 'jump' in spanish
Probably the husband of Mary, mother of JesusCapital of Costa Rica
Villa S., oldest European settlement in UruguayDemonym, someone from Soria, in Castile
A river, T...'river of the reeds' in Guarani
The '33 Orientals', a revolutionary group'thirty-three' in Spanish

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