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Greek 'ἆθλον' ('prize of a contest')Noun made on an adjective
Greek 'γυμνός' ('naked')Noun made on an adjective
Japanese '柔道' ('gentle way')-
Part 1 : French for 'low', from latin 'bassus' ('low')Part 2 : Proto-Germanic ' *balluz'
Colloquial abbreviation for 'association' footballreduced in assoc. + an agent suffix
From French impertive of 'tenir' ('to hold')from latin 'tenere' ('to hold')
Part 1. Proto-Germanic '*fōts' Part 2 : Proto-Germanic ' *balluz'
A village in Gloucestershire, EnglandFrom Old English : “estate of (a man called) Baduhelm”
Proto-Germanic '*wraistjan' ('to twist, wrench')with a gerund suffix
Adjective from latin 'equus' ('horse')-
Proto-Germanic '*swimmaną' ('to be unsteady')with a gerund suffix
Part 1 : Anglo-Normand 'bascat'Part 2 : Proto-Germanic ' *balluz'
A town in Warwickshire, Englandmentionned as 'Rocheberie' in 1086
Part 1. Proto-Germanic '*handuz' Part 2 : Proto-Germanic ' *balluz'
Possibly related to 'hook', of unknown origin-
Verb meaning 'to beat or whip' , uncertain originwith a gerund suffix
Scottish 'gouf'maybe alteration of Middle Dutch 'colf' ('stick, club)
From a verb 'to ride a type of vehicle'From latin, and Greek 'κύκλος' ('circle, wheel')
Proto-Germanic '*seglą' ('sheet, s..')with a gerund suffix
Japanese, originally 唐手 ('Chinese hand')Changed to 空手 ('empty hand'), with Japanese militarism
Verb, from Proto-Germanic ' *rōaną'with a gerund suffix
Part 1 : French 'volée' (flight), Latin 'volare' (to fly)Part 2 : Proto-Germanic ' *balluz'
Middle French 'defens' ('defence')with a gerund suffix
Perhaps from Flemish 'stick, staff'Or Old French 'criquet' ('goal post, stick)

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