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Proto-Germanic,*harpǭ ('plucked string instrument')Further etymolgy unknown
End part of 'violonc___', from ItalianThat part of the word is a diminutive suffix
Latin; part 1. 'tres' ('three')part 2. 'angulus' ('corner')
French 'little drum'Ultimately Arabic طُنْبُور (ṭunbūr).
part 1. Old Norse 'baggi' ('pack, bundle')part 2. Vulgar Latin 'pipa' (tube-shaped musical instrum.)
Greek ὄργανον ('instrument, tool')Indo-European *werǵ- ('to make, work')
Probably from Middle Dutch 'tromme'Maybe an imitative origin.
Italian 'tromba' with augmentative suffix'tromba', another instrument, is from Germanic origin
Greek κύμβαλον, from κύμβη ('bowl')The word 'chime' has the same origin
Greek ' ἁρμονικός' , from ἁρμονία ('agreement')Indo-European *h₂er- ('to fit together')
part 1. Greek ξύλον ('wood')part 2. Greek 'φωνή' (sound)
Proto-Germanic *hurną (same meaning)Indo-European *ḱer- ('head')
French, diminutive of 'trompe', the same instrumentFrench 'trompe' from Germanic origin
Italian from Medieval Latin 'vitula'maybe cognate with English 'fiddle'
Italian, primarily 'p___forte' ('soft and loud')Italian word from Latin 'planus' ('flat, smooth')
'practice a tune' in Middle English + -erLatin 'remember' ; from 're-' ('back') + 'cor' ('heart')
part 1. Name of the Belgian inventorpart 2. Greek 'φωνή' (sound)
Latin, maybe connected with 'tibia' ('reed-pipe')or connected to 'tubus' ('tube')
Greek ' κιθάρα' ('lyre'), perhaps from Persian 'sihtar'Through Latin, Arabic and Spanish
German, made on a French word meaning 'chord'French word from Latin 'ad-' ('to') + 'cor' ('heart')
Italian, from French 'hautbois'French 'haut', Latin 'altus' ('high') + 'bois' ('wood')
Italian 'bassone', through French.Italian 'basso' ('bass'), from Latin 'bassus'
Provencal 'flaut', through FrenchMaybe Latin 'flare' ('to blow')
French, from 'clair' ('clear')From Latin 'clarus' ('clear, loud')

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