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Old French word for 'Turkish (stone)'Country name from Old Turkish itself
Proto-Germanic *grēwazIndo-European *gʰer- ('to glow')
Proto-Germanic *brūnaz Indo-European *bʰruHn- , same meaning
From a flower, of unknown originmaybe from a verb, Old English 'pungde' ('pierce, stab')
To honor a Napoleonic victory in ItalyItalian town, from Latin 'castrum Maxentiae'
Old Italian 'melarancia' (a fruit), through FrenchFrom Dravidian, through Sanskrit, Persian and Arabic
French, name of a flowerFlower name from Latin 'viola'
Latin 'purpura', a shell and the dye it providesform Greek πορφύρα, perhaps of Semitic origin
Proto-Germanic *silubrą (a metal)from a common Germanic/Balto-Slavic word
Greek 'κύανος' ('blue')further etymology uncertain
Arabic قِرْمِز 'qirmiz' (an insect), through SpanishSanskrit कृमि 'kṛ́mi' (worm), through Persian
Proto-Germanic *hwītazIndo-European *ḱweytos ('bright')
Proto-Germanic, word meaning 'burnt'Indo-European *bʰleg- ('to burn')
Proto-Germanic *gelwazIndo-European *ǵʰelh₃- ('to shine')
Proto-Germanic *gulþą (a metal)Indo-European *ǵʰelh₃- ('to shine')
Proto-Germanic *raudazFrom an Indo-European root.
Proto-Germanic *blēwaz, through Anglo-NormandIndo-European *bʰlēw- ('yellow, blond, grey')
Portuguese 'endego', through Spanish, or DutchGreek 'Ἰνδικὸν ' ('Indian [dye]'), through Latin
French word, from an Alpine languageVulgar Latin 'byssus' ('cottony grey')
Proto-Germanic *grōnizIndo-Euroepan *gʰreh₁- ('to grow')

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