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Etymologyastronomy wordEtymology
From latin Latin 'ob' ('towards') + 'servare' ('watch over')Through French by the addition of the suffix '-oire'
From Latin for 'star'with a prefix 'cum-' ('with'); and a suffix '-ātiō'
Greek; part 1. ἀστήρ ('celestial body')part 2. ναύτης ('sailor')
From 'quasi-stellar radio source'
Proto-Germanic *sternǭ (same meaning)Indo-European *h₂stḗr (same meaning)
French : from Latin 'spatium' ('room, extent')Indo-European *speh₁- (“to stretch, to pull”)
adjective, from Latin 'sidus' ('star', 'constellation')
Latin word meaning “little cloud, mist”from Indo-European *nébʰos (“cloud”)
Greek ἔκλειψις ('disappearance')ἐκλείπω (I leave out') ; from ἐκ- (“out”) +‎ λείπω (I leave)
Greek; part 1. τῆλε (“afar”)part 2. σκοπέω ('I look at')
From Latin 'satelles' ('attendant, guard')through French
Latin 'all things, as a whole'from 'unus' ('one') + past of 'verto' ('to turn')
Greek γαλαξίας ('milky way')from γάλα ('milk')
Transcription of Greek 'κόσμος'The word originally meant 'order', then 'world, universe'
Greek ζῳδιακός ('related to little animals')from ζῴδιον ('little animal')
Greek 'κομήτης' ('longhaired)from 'κόμη' ('hair of the head')
Proto-Germanic *sunnǭ (same meaning)Indo-European *sóh₂wl̥ (same meaning too)
Greek πλανήτης ('wanderer')from 'πλανάω' ('I wander')
Greek μετέωρος ('raised from the ground')from μετά (“beyond”) + ἀείρω (“I lift up”)
Latin : part 1. word meaning 'over'part 2. feminine form for 'new'
Proto-Germanic *mēnô (same meaning)from Indo-European *mḗh₁n̥s (same meaning too)
Greek; part 1. ἀστήρ ('celestial body')part 2. εἶδος ('form, shape')

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