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Name the counties of New Jersey from the provided clues.

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named forcountyclue
The body water bordering the countyThe name refers to a Greek mythology Titan, who carried the World
An old township, after a Norwegian or Dutch cityThe beginning means 'mountain' in most of Germanic languages
Bridlington, a town in Yorkshire, EnglandAlso largest city in Vermont
Charls Pratt, 1st Earl of C..From Old English campas (“enclosure”) + denu (“valley”).
A peninsula, after Cornelius Jacobsen M.1. Land extending into the sea; 2. A spring month
Prince William, Duke of C..Historical county in northwest England ; seat, Carlisle
A county in England in east of LondonOriginally meant 'eastern kingdom of the Saxons'
A city in England, on the River SevernFrom Latin 'Glēvum' + Old English 'ceaster'.
Henry H.., English sea explorerAlso name of large bay in Canada
Robert H.., governor of New YorkOne who chase down preys + A Spanish title of respect to a man
Hugh M..., Scottish soldierA merchant dealing in fabrics and textiles
A historic English county, now in Greater LondonOriginally meant 'territory of the middle Saxons'
Rhode Island M.. Society ; or an old Welsh countyFrom 'Monnow', a River + The end of a river
Lewis M.., governor of New JerseySurname from 'Maurus', ancient name given to North Africans
The body water bordering the countyLarge body of water separating the continents.
A city in the county, itself from a riverFrom Lenape word 'pahsayèk, ('valley' or 'place where the land splits)
A New Jersey city, seat of the countyFrom a Hebrew word meaning 'peace': also capital of Oregon
A county in southwest EnglandFrom old english Sumortūnsǣte ('the people dependent on Sumortūn')
A historic in south of England.Originally meant 'land of the South Saxons'
UnknownThe act of joining two or more things into one.
Joseph W.., killed in American Revolutionary WarA system of burrows where rabbits live.

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