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A town in Devon, England. (with its old spelling)Building on a farm used for storage + Building for horses
A county in England, where Windsor Castle liesSlang for fool + Former name for counties, in Britain
A city in Rhode IslandItself named for a city in south-west England
(probably) D.. of YorkMale rulers of a duchy
An English county. (seat : Chelmsford)Originally meant 'eastern kingdom of the Saxons'
Benjamin F., inventor of the lightning rod.Surname originally meaning 'freeholder'
John H., and English politician (1595 – 1643)Starts like the county bellow + Abbreviation of 'denier'
A county in south England : seat, WinchesterSecond part of a neighboring State's name
A historic English county, now in Greater LondonOriginally meant 'territory of the middle Saxons'
An island in Massachusettsfrom a Wampanoag word 'natocke', of uncertain meaning
An English county. (seat : Norwich)Originally ; A compass point + Inhabitants of a region
An English city in Devon.A layer of material + A body part
A county in England. (seat : Ipswich)Originally ; A compass point + Inhabitants of a region
An English city, near BirminghamStart of an English sauce, with vinegar, onions, garlic...

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