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Can you name these facts related to zebras? (one answer per letter)

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ATheir home continent
BCountry that features zebras on the coat of arms
CSome say they have stripes for this purpose, but scientists think it is irrelevant
DHumans tried to d_______ them like horses, unsuccessfully.
EMammal family they belong
FDenomination of a baby zebra
GThis is almost their only food.
HSome species of zebras live in groups called h____
ILanguage the word come from, itself loaning it to Portuguese
KOne species, Grevy's zebra, lives in Ethiopia and K____
LTheir principle predator in the nature
MName of the zebra in the 2005 film : Madagascar
NThey have an excellent n____ vision
PMammal order they belong
QA species of zebra, extinct in 19th century
SThe ecosystem they generally live in.
TAverage time of gestation, in months (digits accepted)
UTerm for hooved mammals
WColor of their stripes, on black background after scientists
ZThe offspring of a male zebra and a female horse.

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