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AElements of this art movement (1910-1920's) are found inside train station.
BVittel is twinned with Badenweiler, located in this German State
CThis French tourism company owns two vacation villages in Vittel
DD___ Cowl is an actor born in Vittel in 1925
EPréfecture of the département
FVittel is a 'ville f_____' ; with 4 flowers at a “towns in bloom competition“
GCurrent French region where Vittel is located.
H'A horse racing course' ; Vittel has one.
IIn 1941, Nazis made that type of camp in Vittel.
KTwo of these objects (related to doors, e.g.) are found on the coat of arms.
LRegion it was located before 2016.
MThe Vair River in Vittel is an affluent of this bigger river.
NClosest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants (55 km / 35 mi).
OSome buildings were drawn by C. Garnier; more known for this Parisian landmark.
QDepartement number in French. (You can type digits).
RVittel has 2 churches, St Privat and St R___ , who baptized Clovis in 496.
S'A health resort near a mineral springs'.
VDépartement where Vittel is located (HINT : mountain range).
WVittel is a brand of mineral w____, now sold by Nestlé.

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