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AVesoul has an international film festival dedicated to this continent.
BThis Belgian singer wrote a song called 'Vesoul' in 1968.
CRomans builded 'C_____ Vesulium', Latin word for 'fortress'.
ECardinal direction of Vesoul from Paris.
FRegion where Vesoul was located before 2016.
GSt G_____ is a church in Vesoul. The Saint is also the patron of England
HDepartement where Vesoul is located.
IVesoul obtained the label 'Ville I___' in 2013; related to a computers' network.
JThe oldest park in Vesoul. It translates as 'English Garden'
LAn artificial l___ (L. de Vaivre) near Vesoul became a recreation place.
MLa M____; name of the hill of Vesoul. The word means 'mound of earth'
NIn 1678, Vesoul became French with the Treaty of N_____, a Dutch city
PThe main factory of this car company is located near Vesoul.
RAn obelisk stands in Place de la R_______ (a type of government).
SDurgeon River, crossing Vesoul, is an affluent of this bigger river.
UThe Convent of the U_____ (Order of St. Ursula) is now a museum.
VCentral neighborhood, French for 'Old Vesoul'.
WState where Sporcle's HQ is; the city and Vesoul are at the same latitude

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