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ARomans defeated this Hun ruler in the plains around Troyes
B'Champagne Cork' in French. It is the shape of the city centre on a map.
CTroyes is in Champagne Crayeuse, meaning the soil contains that type of rock
DCity in Hesse, Germany twinned with Troyes
ENewspaper that named Troyes as 'the most sporty city' before 2005. (L'Γ‰___)
FMajor natural risk in Troyes and the region.
GArchitectural style of the Cathedrale St Pierre et St Paul
HTimber framing, typical of Troyes houses
KOccupation of Lancelot, character appearing in Chretien de Troyes' stories.
LThis cloth company was created in Troyes
MA museum is dedicated to this type of art
NFestival of one week in October, with shows in all the city. ('Champagne's nights')
OTroy o____ is a weight unit of gold.
PMeat used to prepare 'andouillettes', a sausage.
RClosest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants (106 km / 66 mi)
SRiver crossing Troyes.
TGallic tribe that gave its name to the city
UClose to the cathedral is found Basilique St-U___ (name meaning 'of the city')
VHenry V of England married Catherine de V____ , daughter of the King of France
ZOne important street is Rue Γ‰mile-Z___, a French writer

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