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ASocotra is located next to this gulf. (Gulf of A__)
BBefore 1937, was part of Bombay Regency within B___ India
CType of island. (geology)
DEmblematic tree, among others found on Socotra only.
Eadjective for plants not found in other places (more that 700 in Socotra)
FOne of the principal economic activities.
GAdministrative division of the country, Socotra became one in 2013
HPrincipal town and capital of Socotra
IMajor religion in Socotra
KMain village on Abd al Kuri, another island in Socotra archipelago
L'rock of marine and fresh-water sediments', Socotra has a plateau of it.
MThough the climate is dry, this brings rains in winter
NChristian doctrine followed in Socotra, before 7th century
OCountry located north of the island, across the sea.
PCountry established there in 1505, strategic place on the route to India
QSecond village by population
RColor of Caralluma socotrana, a flower growing in Socotra
SA language of the Semitic family spoken there.
TClimate of Socotra in KΓΆppen classification.
UWorld Heritage Site in this organisation since 2008
XEcosystem of Socotra; 'deserts and x___ shrublands'
YCountry it is located

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