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AThe class of animals they belong
BA German heavy metal b___ from the 80's is called Scorpions
CA part their body, making the head
DThey have many habitats, from forests to this extreme one
EThis is the biggest species of scorpions, Pandinus 'imperator'
FThey have this particularity of glowing when exposed to certain lights
GLanguage the word 'scorpion' comes from
HThey have highly sensitive tactile h___ on their pincers
IThose are a common prey
KScorpion I was one of Upper Egypt in 32nd century BC
LThe have eight of them
MThese mammals are examples of scorpions' predators
NThey are active during the night, they are n________
OThe eggs remain in the mother's body, they are o...
PThe goddess Serket (with a scorpion like crown) was supposed to protect them
SThe oldest known scorpions lived in this geological period (430 million years)
T'metasoma' is the scientific name of this body part
VMost of species have this, but few can kill humans
YColor of Leiurus quinquestriatus, a species from North Africa and Asia
ZScorpion is one of the 12 signs of this

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