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ARegion corresponding to 'Novempopulania', evangelized by Girons of Hagetmau
BPercussion instrument appearing on the coat of arms.
CSt-Girons was the seat of this little province.
D19th century rebelion, because of a new forestry code; 'Guerre des D____' (Maiden)
EG. E___ Haussmann, known for urban renewal of Paris, was prefect in St-Girons.
FSeat of the Département Ariège, in which St-Girons is located.
GSalat River, that flows in St-Girons, is an affluent of this bigger river.
HA. Bergès was an engineer specialized in this science involving liquids and energy.
ICountry where Albese is; twinned with St Girons after a cyclist died in Tour de France
KThe capital of this country is at the same latitude.
LSt-Girons developed after the neighboring village 'Saint-L____' (Lycerius in Latin)
MFrench for 'hot-air balloon'; you can fly in one from Aérodrome de St-Girons
OCurrent region where St-Girons is located.
PMountain range around St-Girons.
QThe highest elevation (1200 m) is called 'Table des Q___ S_____' (Four Lords)
R'Saint-Girons Sporting Club Couserans' practices this sport.
SSt-Girons is close to the border with this country.
TClosest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants (72 km / 44 mi)
V'Depression between hills and mountains' ; 18 of them meet near St-Girons
WAt Roman period, St-Girons was a 'lucus', i.e. a sacred w___ (area covered of trees).
ZNumber of the département, in French. (Digits are accepted)

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