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AThis industry is important since early 20th century.
BPau was the capital of this old French province.
CThe city was built around this 11th century's landmark.
DCity in Côte d'Ivoire twinned with Pau.
EMusic festival organized every years, 'Summer in Pau'
FA type of railway used on slopes; in service before 1970.
GRiver flowing in Pau.
HKing of France born in Pau.
IArt movement of Edgar Degas, his paintings are shown in Musée des Beaux Arts.
JCommune near Pau that produces wine.
KThe largest city of this country is located on same latitude.
LPau and this pilgrimage town are located on the same river.
MMain church of Pau, Église Saint-M____ (bishop of Tours, 316 - 397 AD).
NThis fossil fuel was discovered and is exploited at Lacq, near Pau. (n____ g__)
OBearnese is sometimes considered as a variety of this romance language.
PMountain range located near Pau.
QJeanne d'Albret, born in Pau, was Q____ of Navarre from 1555 to 1572
RSport practiced by the club 'La Section Paloise'
SJean-Baptiste Bernadotte, born in Pau, became king of this country in 1818.
TPau was the most often 'stage-city' in this cyclism race; after Paris and Bordeaux
UMotto : 'U___ palladium et gentis' ('protective of the city and its people')
VType of food (including cabbage) used to prepare 'garbure', a stew from the region.
WIn 19th century, rich tourists came in this season for climate virtues.
XPau is twinned also with this Chinese city.
YDornford Y___, pseudonym of an English novelist, lived in Pau from 1922 to 1940.
ZIndoor arena in Pau.

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