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AFrench département where Nantua is located.
BThe town was formed around a b_______ monastery. (Of the Order of St. Benedict).
CType of lobster used to prepare 'sauce Nantua'.
DBig prints of this extinct animal were discovered near Nantua in 2009.
EA work of the painter 'E_____ Delacroix' is found in the church.
FAnimal appearing on the coat of arms.
GClosest city over 100,000 inhabitants. (41 km / 25 mi)
HType of road passing 'above' the town, on an impressive viaduct and in tunnels.
IThis cold material was exploited near Nantua before 1917.
JMountain range of the region.
LNantua is built on this body of wate.
MThe church of Nantua, 'Église Saint-M_____'. (An archangel)
NFrench demonym of the town.
Q'Sauce Nantua' mentioned above is often served with this food of Lyon's gastronomy.
R'Musée de la R_______'. Dedicated to people who struggled against nazis.
SYou can practice this sport in Plateau de Retord, close to Nantua
TJean-Louis Aubers, born in Nantua, was a rock singer in this French band.
VThe word 'Nantua' would come from Gaulish 'nanto', meaning 'v_____'
X(Just for fun) : Name a Sporcle user who lives in the same département.

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