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AThe painter Claude Monnet met his wife A---- Hoschede in Montgeron.
BMontgeron is in this natural region, famous for a cheese.
CStadium in Montgeron ; 'Stade Pierre de C-------', founder of modern Olympics.
DEdgar D---- ; impressionist painter who came sometimes in Montgeron.
EDépartement where Montgeron is located.
FWhat 'Sénart' is , in south of Mongeron.
GFruits on the coat of arms
HMarket hall in Montgeron, 'Saint-H-----' (patron of hunters).
IFrench region where Montgeron is located.
JÉglise Saint-J----- is the church of Montgeron.
LIn Middle Age, an building served to treat this disease.
MLandmark built on the river in 15th century (French for 'Mill of Senlis').
PMontgeron is in the suburbs of this city.
QNumber of the departement (you can type digits).
RAvenue de la R--------- is the main street of Montgeron.
SLarge river close to Montgeron
TThe very first stage of this cyclist race started at Montgeron in 1903.
VMontgeron is twinned with 'Póvoa de V-----' in Portugal
YRiver in Montgeron and bordering commune.

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