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AFlavor of 'pastis', an apéritif drink from Marseille
B'Good Mother' ; nickname of the basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde
CA type of rocky inlet. Those of Marseille are famous.
DThis animal called Saucisse was candidate to the municipal elections of 2001.
E'MuCEM' stands for 'Musée Musée des Civilisations de l'E----- et de la Méditerranée'
FMain ingredient of 'bouillabaisse', a stew.
GCivilisation who founded 'Massalia' near 600 BC.
HMarseille is twinned with this German port.
IIsland with a castle and an old jail.
JJ--- C----- Gaudin is the mayor of Marseille since 1995.
KMarseille is also twinned with this Japanese port.
L'La Marseillaise', anthem of France, was writen by Rouget de L----.
MOn what see Marseille is located?
NLargest French city on the sea after Marseille
OSoccer team of Marseille.
PThis game played with balls is a cliché of Marseille.
QMarseille is divided into 'arrondissements', themselve divited into q--------.
RPrincipal music genre of the the singer 'Soprano', born in Marseille
SAn expression says that species of fish choked the port of Marseille.
T1998 action-comedy film directed by Luc Besson, taking place in Marseille.
UThe building 'La Cité Radieuse' is an example of 'u---- d'habition' ('Housing Unit')
VHistorical center of Marseille, the 'Old Port'
WColor on the flag of Marseille (in background of a light blue cross).
XThe avenue 'Canebière' was built when Louis X-- decided to expand the city.
YY--- Montand, actor and singer who spent his youth in Marseille.
ZFootballer born in Marseille, associated with 1998 FIFA World Cup

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