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AFormer region where the town is located.
BThere is a madonna statue of this color in the cathedral.
CLe Puy is a major spot on the 'routes of Santiago de C_____'
DFrench for 'lace-making', which is a traditional craft in Le Puy.
EAnimal on the coat of arms.
FAristocrat born near Le Puy; he fought for US independence. (Marquis de La F____')
GThe word 'Velay' comes from 'Vellaves', a tribe of these populations.
HFrench département where Le Puy is located.
IFestival of world musics in Le Puy. (contraction of international folklore)
JWhat two buildings served at during WWI ; some German tourists were imprisoned.
KEnglish county where Tonbrige is located, town twinned with Le Puy.
LThis vegetable is a speciality of Le Puy.
MThe '15km Internationnaux du Puy' is a race organized in 1st of M__
NUnder this ruler, canons of the Crimean War were melted to make a virgin statue.
O'Fête du Roi de l'O____ (bird)' occurs every year, with activities about Renaissance.
P'Puy' comes from this Latin word. (Think of champions at olympics.)
QNumber of the département (you can type digits).
RTwo landmarks of volcanic origin, R____ Corneille and R_____ d’Aiguilhe
SClosest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants (57 km / 35 mi)
TActivity of Peire Cardenal, born in 1180. (Lyric peotry performer in Middle Age)
VA liquor of the region is made from this plant.
WLaurent W____. Maire of Le Puy before 2016, president of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

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