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ALa Mure is in Matheysine, a natural region within this mountain range.
BGerman state where Marktredwitz is located, a town twinned with La Mure
CIn 1888, a railway was built to carry this rock from mines.
DLa Mure was historically in this province.
ENapoleon passed in La Mure after he escaped this island.
GClosest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants. (31 km / 19 mi)
HFrench for 'watchmaker'. They work for the society Gorgy Timing.
IFrench département where La Mure is located.
JThe bobsledder E. Hostache got a bronze medal at Olympics in this country.
MIn 1580, La Mure was besieged by the Duke of M____. (Now a French département)
NThe church 'N___-D___-de-l'Assomption' was built in 1890.
OO____ Messiaen, a French composer, was burried near La Mure.
PActivity of Charles-Émile Desmoulins. 'La Mure en 1891' is one of his works.
RFormer region where La Mure was located before 2016
SThe priest P.J. Eymard founded the 'Congregation of the Blessed S_____' in 1856.
TAnatole Novak made 10 participation at this cyclist race.
VThe massive Hôtel de V___ was built few years after the church.
WEnglish for 'mur' ; this is possibly the original meaning of 'La Mure'

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