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Can you name these facts about the god Jupiter? (one answer per letter)

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AYou can find a Glacier Jupiter in this continent (on an island)
BHe is generally depicted with this on his face
CHill in Rome, where temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus was built.
DOlder form of the deity's name, translatable as 'day father'
EBird symbol of Jupiter
F'f_____ dialis' , priest of Jupiter.
GWith oxen or lambs, this animal was offered in sacrifice to Jupiter
IAlternative name in Latin
JWife of Jupiter (and his sister as well)
LOne of his attributes. Often represented holding this.
MHis daughter, born out of his head.
OTree symbol of Jupiter
PCelestial body, one of them is named for the god.
QThe 'Archaic Triad', consisted of Jupiter, Mars and Q__, an early god
ROf what mythology was he a god?
SHis father, representing time
TWhat weekday is dedicated to Jupiter? (Jovis dies)
UCult to 'Sol Invictus' replaced cult to Jupiter later, what does it mean?
VOne of the epithets that indicate his qualities. Synonym of 'conqueror'
WHe was god of sky, thunder, and so of this
ZHis Greek equivalent

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