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Can you name these facts about Henry IV of France? (one answer per letter)

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AThis city in Picardy (like many in France) has a street named for Henri IV
BHouse of the Capetian dynasty to which Henry IV belonged
CHe converted to this religion to access the crown.
DPlayed by D_____ Auteuil in a 1994 French film
EThis document signed by Henry IV granted more rights to Protestants
FHis face appeared on bill of this currency (1960's)
GA nickname, given later for his concern about the welfare of his subjects
HRuler of France before Henry IV
JHis mother
KHis title
LHis palace in Paris, traditional residence of French monarchs.
MEither of the two wives he had.
NHe ruled in this country before France. (Roughly around Basque country)
PCity in southwest France where he was born in 1589
QCity in Nouvelle-France founded during his reign
RFanatic Catholic who assassinated him in 1610
SAs a Huguenot involved in Wars of Religion, he escaped this massacre day in 1572
VAnother nickname, 'the Green Gallant', for his numerous mistresses
WFrench joke : 'What color is Henry IV white horse'?

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