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QUIZ: Can you name these facts related to Genghis Khan? (one answer per letter)

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AHe conquered a wide part of this continent
BHis principal wife, her name means 'blue'
C'Army that fights while riding horses'; he used it to extend his empire
FHe is sometimes described as this, because of his tolerance towards women
GConsidered by many as g_____, because millions were killed in his campaigns
HA legend says he died after being thrown off his h___
JA Chinese dynasty he fought against in 1211
KTerritory ruled by a Khan
MThe Empire he founded in 1206
N'Society with no fixed home', like the one he belonged to
OPrefecture-level city in China where his mausoleum was built
PHow his father Yesüki was killed when he was 9.
RHe encouraged r______ tolerance, liberty of cult
SHe is credited with bringing this trade road under one cohesive political environment.
THis name at birth
UCity served by Chinggis Khaan International Airport
VRiver near the extreme West of his Empire, at his death.
WA mythic ancestor was Börte Cino, meaning 'blue [animal to guess]'
XA Chinese empire conquered in 1227
YOne of his descendants became the first emperor of this Chinese dynasty

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