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AEmbrun is in a valley of this mountain range.
BThe route N94 links Gap to this town in the same valley.
CYou can visit 'Musée Embrunais de la c---------- (meat products)' near Embrun.
DRiver flowing at Embrun
EEmbrun is close to the 'Parc National des É----' (jewel boxes)
FThe 'Couvent des Cordeliers' is adorned with f------, mural painting.
GClosest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants (92 km / 57 mi)
HFrench département where Embrun is located.
IClosest foreign country.
LWhat 'Serre-Ponçon' is, close to Embrun.
MClosest sea to Embrun.
N167 men from Corsica were deported at Embrun by this ruler.
OAnother 'Embrun' is located in this canadian province.
PBefore 1209, Embrun was part of this county.
R'Cathédrale Notre-Dame-du-R---' is located at Embrun. ('royal' in old French)
SOne of the three sports at 'Embrunman', a triathlon organized in summer.
THighest mountain of the commune 'T--- de l'Hivernet'
VThe town was fortified by this engineer of Louis XIV.
W'Trad'In Live' is a festival of 'W---- Music',
YMeaning of '-eburo' (name a shrub); ''Embrun' probably comes from this Celtic root.
ZGerman town twinned with Embrun. (German for 'cell')

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