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ASome authors wrote 'Dôle' with a circumflex a____, which is a common mistake
BIn 986, this County was founded, and Dole became the capital.
CWide forest near Dole, Forêt de C____. (French for 'lime, calcium oxide').
DRiver that crosses Dole.
FFormer region where Dole was located, before 2016.
H'An elevated place' ; This is probably the meaning of the pre-Latin root '-Dol'
IAquaparc I___ is a leisure park near Dole. (Name of an Egyptian goddess)
JFrench département where Dole is located.
KRussian city on Volga River, twinned with Dole.
LDole became French under the reign of this King in 1678
MWhat « Par la Justice et les armes, Dole » is for the city.
NThe Collégiale N___-D___ is the principal church of Dole
OBorn in 1930, Michel Chapuis payed on this instrument, including works of J.S. Bach
PLouis P______, biologist born in 1822, discoverer of the principles of vaccination
REither of the rivers linked by the canal crossing Dole.
SThis celestial body appears on the coat of arms and the town's logo
TThe capital of this Oceanian country has a similar population
W'A human wolf'. In 1572 , Gilles Garnier was suspected to be this; he was arrested and burnt.
ZFrench for 'forbidden zone'; area where access to civilians was restricted during WWII

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