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AMountain range where Brian├žon is located.
BFrench demonym of Brian├žon.
C'Serre C--------' is an important ski resort next to Brian├žon. (French for 'knight')
DBrian├žon is in the valley of this river.
EThe highest point is called 'Serre des Aigles', it translates as 'E----- Mountain'
FWhat 'des Salettes', 'des Têtes' or 'Communication Y' are.
GClosest city with more than 100,000 inhabitants (78 km / 48 mi)
HBrian├žon claims to be the h---est town in France with an altitude of 1,326 m.
ISport practiced by the 'Diables Rouges de Brian├žon'
JNear Brian├žon, Ouvrage J---- was part of the 'Maginot Line'. (Roman god of gates.)
LJ.-A. Morand was an urbanist who created the 'Quartier des Brotteaux' in this city.
MClosest capital to Brian├žon.
N'Notre-Dame-et-St-N------' is church in baroque style.
PThe 'Prunus brigantina' is a tree that produces this fruit.
QThe 'Col de l'Izoar' is a pass that links Brian├žon to this valley.
RBrian├žon became French in 1349 by the Treaty of R----- (town on Is├Ęre river).
SMany houses and building has this on the wall (to tell the time).
VMilitary engineer of Louis XIV who made build fortifications.

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