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AMore than 70 destinations are available from this.
BFrench demonym of Blagnac.
CIt became French after 'Albigensian C____' ; military campaign to eliminate Cathars
DThe monastery of Blagnac is home to sisters of this religious Order.
E'An urban area designed to be ecofriendly'; ZAC Andromède is one in Blagnac.
GRiver flowing at Blagnac.
HFrench département where Blagnac is located.
IFrench abbreviation for 'University Institutes of Technology'; one is found in Blagnac
JYou can play hockey at the ice skating rink 'J_____-Raynaud'
KObject represented twice on the coat of arms.
LGerman state where Buxtehude is located, city twinned with Blagnac.
MWhat 'Aeroscopia' is, dedicated to aeronautics.
OThe climate is o_____, with a mediterranean influence.
PChurch of Blagnac, 'Église Saint-P___' (first Pope)
QLake and leisure park in Blagnac, the 'Fifteen Grounds'
RA castle in Blagnac was destroyed during French Wars of R____, in 16th century.
SWhat 'Ernest-Argelès' is, where you can practice rugby.
TBlagnac is in the agglomeration of this larger city.
VNickname of the route D902 that crosses Blagnac. 'Milky Way' in French
YThis Soviet cosmonaut came in Blagnac in 1965. (full name required)

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