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ABananas have been known for a long time — this conqueror saw them on an expedition.
BBananas are this type of fruit from a scientific point of view.
CBananas are grouped in c______ of 10 to 20 fruits.
DAs plants are only obtained by cloning, they are more vulnerable to these problems.
FBananas are rich in dietary f____, good for preventing some health risks.
HBanana plants are not actually trees, but in fact gigantic h____.
IWorld's top producer of bananas.
JBanana fibers were used in this country to weave cloth in the 13th century.
KA place called Banana is located in this country, on an island.
LThese can attain a length of 3.5 meters (11.5 feet).
MGenus of the species of bananas.
NCultivation of bananas may have started on this island.
PBanana varieties used for cooking are called p________ and are more starchy.
RThe type of roots the plant develops.
SModern fruits produce no s____; new plants are made from shoots arising from the roots.
TThe type of climate bananas need to grow.
UIn the 1980's, Bananarama was a girls' pop music group from this country.
WBanana w___ is an alcoholic drink produced in Africa and Asia.
YMost bananas are this color.

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