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AMountain range in south of Algiers.
BThe city is called ⴷⵣⴰⵢⴻ in this language.
CName of the citadel of and the traditional quarter clustered around it.
D'extraction of minerals from sea water', methode used to make drinkable water.
E'Jardin d'e----- du Hamma' (Test Garden) is an important botanical garden.
FAbdelkader was a military who struggled against this colonial country in 1830's
G'G----- Poste' ; post office built in Moorish Revival architecture.
IThe name comes from Arabic 'al-Jazā’ir', meaning 'The I------'
JSentence in French said by Charles de Gaulle in 1958; ''I have understood you'
K17th century mosque, UNESCO World Heritage Site
MM------' Memorial ; monument commemorating the war for independence.
NN---- D--- d'Afrique is a Catholic basilica built in Neo-Byzantine style.
OLocal term for rivers.
PThis dried fruit is used to prepare 'lham lahlou', a sweet dish with meat.
RR------- of Algiers was a vassal State of the Ottoman Empire
SCountry in North of Algiers right across the Mediterranean Sea.
TClosest capital to Algiers.
USoccer club of the city.
W'The W-----' is one of Algiers' nicknames.
ZBuluggin ibn Z--- ; He founded 'Algiers' in 960 at the site of the ancient 'Icosium'

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