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AFirst language spoken in Addis Ababa.
BAirport serving the city.
CSouth Korean city twinned with Addis Ababa.
DClosest capital to Addis Ababa, main access to the sea for the country.
EAddis Ababa is the capital of this country.
F'Addis Ababa' has the poetic meaning of 'New F-----' in Amharic.
GOrthodox cathedral built in 1896, St. G-----'s Cathedral
HEmperor buried in the city, often associated with Rastafari movement.
IThis country occupied Addis Ababa during WWII.
JLion of J----, symbol of the country. Statues are found in the city.
KK------- Bekele, runner who took Gold at the 2004 and 2008 Olympics.
LEarly hominid, her skeleton is conserved at National Museum.
MEmperor who founded Addis Ababa in 1886.
NStadium in Addis Ababa (also a city in Sudan).
OEthnic group living in the region.
RAddis Ababa is located near this geological trench, running through East Africa.
SMeskel S-----, it is often a site for public gathering and festivals.
TThose vehicles are blue and white in Addis Ababa.
UAddis Ababa is the seat of African U----.
ZCity close to Addis Ababa now called Bishoftu. Debre Z----

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