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A'Accra' comes from the Akan word ''nkran'' and means 'a--', an insect.
BA memorial is dedicated to K. Nkrumah, who led Ghana to independence from B------.
CFort built by Europeans near Accra, also called ''Osu Castle''.
DThis country owned the previous fort in 15th century.
E''E-------- waste'' ; defective computers are sent in a site near Accra, causing pollution.
F''The F-------- House'' is the presidential palace. (Off topic hint : Arizona City)
GGhanaian people primarily living in the area of Accra.
HEbo Taylor sings this genre of music from Ghana.
II----------- Arch is a landmark, in a square of the same name.
JOne of the oldest districts. (Off topic hint : St Helena Island)
KAirport that serves Accra.
LClosest capital to Accra.
MWhat ''Makola'' is, where you can buy any product.
OSoccer team, ''Accra Hearts of O--'' (tree).
PAccra hosted the ''All-African P------' Conference'' in 1958
QActor born in Accra. He played Captain Panaka in Star Wars; Hugh Q-------
SRoman catholic cathedral, ''Holy S----- Cathedral.''
TCity in Greater Accra, the Meridian Zero passes through it.
UUniversity located in north of Accra (full name required).
VThe mouth of this river is located 100 km in east of Accra.
WCapital twinned with Accra.

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