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AThe National Stadium was built for this event, equivalent of Olympics for Africa only.
B'B---- and Niger' - The confluence of these rivers is located at 160 km.
CBusiness district of Abuja.
DIn 2003, the 'Aso Rock D----------' involved members of the Commonwealth.
EThe city takes its name from 'Abuja E-------', a State in the 19th century
FAdministrative division of the country where Abuja is located.
GColor of the National Football Team, based in Abuja.
IMajor religion in Abuja. (50%)
JMan-made lake in Abuja, popular destination.
KAny of the 'K' states that border Abuja's territory.
LThis city was the capital of the country before Abuja.
MThis Tower in construction will be the tallest of Abuja. (Word meaning '1000 years')
NAbuja is the capital of this country.
OAbuja is the local headquarter of this oil organization.
PClosest capital to Abuja.
QFunction of the personality who officially opened the 'Millenium Park' in 2003.
RUnder construction, the Standard Gauge R------ will link Kano to Lagos.
SVegetation : Abuja is in the 'Guinean forest-s------ mosaic'.
TNorth American city twinned with Abuja.
UAbuja is also twinned with a city in this country.
V'The V----' is the residence of the Nigerian President.
YOne of the various languages spoken in Abuja.
ZMonolith in north of Abuja.

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