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ALanguage spoken in Abu Dhabi
BCity in Oceania twinned with Abu Dhabi.
CShape of the Aldar headquarters building.
DClimate in Abu Dhabi.
E80% of the population are e------- workers, from various countries in Asia.
F'Abu Dhabi Grand Prix' is a race of this.
GAbu Dhabi means 'Father of the G------' (a species of antilope).
HH------- Park is one of the parks of the city.
ICountry in north of Abu Dhabi right across the sea.
JAbu Dhabi has 4 soccer stadiums : Al J------ is one of them. (it means 'The Island')
KCurrent Emir; Sheikh K------ bin Zayed. (Arabic for 'caliph').
LAbu Dhabi plans to open this museum, named like another one in Europe.
MWhat 'Sheikh Zayed' is, constructed from from 1996 to 2007.
NWhat is celebrated on 2 December.
OThe discovery of this ressource in 1930's totally changed the economy.
PAbu Dhabi is made of islands located on this gulf.
QCountry hosting the closest other capital.
RDominant color on the flag of Abu Dhabi.
SWhat 'The Landmark', 'Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid' or 'Sky' are.
TBefore 1971, Abu Dhabi was part of the T------ States, a British protectorate.
UAbu Dhabi is the capital of this country.
YMan-made Island, host of the ' Abu Dhabi Grand Prix'
ZMany places are named for Z---- bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the country.

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