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AIt separates Thrace to this Asian peninsula
BStrait connecting Marmara sea to Black Sea
CLocal name of the strait below, also a city
DStrait linking Marmara to Aegean Sea
EContinent of the north coast
FGeology : the sea is located on a f___, which causes important earthquakes
GPeninsula and city at the west of the sea
ILargest city on the coast
JThis Caribbean island has a similar size
KThe country projects to dig this between Marmara and Black Sea
MClimate of the region
OPrince Islands had a school of theology from this Christian Church
PHow it was called in ancient times
QQ___ of marble are found on Marmara Island
RA tanker from this country caused an oil spill in 1999
SConcentration of this reaches about 22% in the water
TOnly bordering country
VA series of battle opposed Ottomans to this republic, in the D. strait
YAn touristic city in east, hot springs are found in a town nearby

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