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AAzov shores has many sandspits, name the longest one (112 km)
BThe sea it is connected
CA bordering peninsula; disputed between two countries
DMajor river flowing into the sea.
EThe continent it is located
FDebated theory : that sea was created by a massive f___ through Bosporus
GColor from a satellite view, notably due to abundant planktons
IThe sea counts quite none of these. (land surrounded by water)
KStrait that links it to the other sea.
LA Russian loanword describing a specific form of estuary ; common in the area
MLargest city directly on the coast.
NPollution due to this substance became important in the 1980's
OThis Empire fought there many times in 18-19th centuries
PName given by Romans, translating Greek 'Maiōtis límnē' ('Maeotis swamps')
RBordering country #1
SA characteristic of this sea, with an average depth of 7 meters
TThe sea has a comparable area to this Asian country
UBordering country #2
VOn Taman peninsula, 'mud v_____ ' spill out mud and gases like methane
WWar during which Battle of the Sea of Azov happened
YA city on eastern coast, on Bay and River Yeya

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