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Can you name these facts related to Mount Everest?

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BRongbuk Monastery nearby is a monastery of this religion
CCountry #1
EE_____ Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made the first ascent in 1953
FIn 2008, alpinists brought this on the summit for a sports event
GLocated in the basin of this major river
HMountain chain it belongs
IIn opposition, this country has the lowest elevation on land (with 2 others)
JCountry origin of the first woman to reach the summit
KClosest capital
LThese snow felids live in the region
MType of plants found in Mount Everest, probably the highest altitude plants.
NCountry #2
OEverest is the highest mountain on Earth, what is the highest on Mars?
PThis has reached critical levels, especially with human waste
QQ______ National Nature Preserve, on Tibetan side
RThey are sedimentary and metamorphic on Mount Everest
SName of the mountain, in the southern country
USecond country that counts the most alpinists at the top
WBirth nation of Sir George Everest
XChinese name of the region in north, Tibet.
YYou will probably never meet this 'abominable' animal here

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