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Can you name these facts about Easter Islands? (one answer per letter)

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AFamily of the language traditionally spoken there
BTranslation of 'Tangata manu'; winner of a ritual competition (before 1860's)
CCountry owning Easter Island
DEnvironmental degradation caused by first settlers.
ESome fantasist theories say 'they' sculpted the statues
FPrincipal sports practiced (alongside water sports)
HMain town, seat of Easter Island
IAntipodal country
JGiven name of J. Roggeveen, Dutch explorer who called it 'Easter Island'
LClosest capital to the island.
MOther name for the famous statues
NFarthest point to any land, Easter Island being the closest inhabitated
OIt is sometimes considered part of this world region
PPictures carved in rock, more that 4,000 were found
QWhat the Rano Raraku crater was traditionally used as
RPolynesian people that make 60% of the population
SOfficial language
TMain economic activities
UIt was named World Heritage Site by this organisation in 1995
VType of island (geology)
WMain color on the flag

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