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Can you name these facts related to Frédéric Chopin?

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AWhat '3784 Chopin' is in space.
BComposer that inspired him to write his preludes
CA park is called Chopin Park in this US city
DThis animal appears in a waltz title , Little D__
EHe moved to France during what is called the Polish Great E_______
FThe lento of his 2nd sonata is best known as 'F______ March'
HNickname one of his Polonaises was given due to the 1848 revolutions
IA type of composition, he wrote 4 of them, loosely meaning 'offhand'
KNationality of the last winner (2015) at International Chopin Piano Competition
LThe Parisian cemetery where he is buried, Cimetière du Père L______
MHe spent time in this Spanish island at Valldemosa
NAnother type of composition, evocative of the night
OChopin also learned to play on this instrument
PHe composed almost exclusively for this instrument
QThe name 'Chopin' is said to come from a unit of measure, close to a q____
RHe was an early composer of this music period
SHe had a relationship with the female novelist, George S___
TNickname of an Etude in E major, meaning 'sadness'
VHe started his career in Poland and then this city
WChopin Airport serves this city
ZHis birthplace in Poland

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