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AAksai Chin is located in this continent
BIn 1846, the region came under the control of this empire
CCountry that claims the territory (and actually controls it)
DTerm for an area with little water or vegetation
EMost of the territory lies in e____ basins, in which rivers do not flow into the sea
GEurope country in the same lattitudes
HMountain range in the South
ICountry that also claims the territory
JThe previous country considers it as part of this state.
KMountain range in the West
LAksai Chin was historically part of this region
MThis US State has a similar area. (Aksai Chin is larger)
NPeople from there are societies with no fixed home, they are n____
OOther people living here are o______ from the military
PCountry where the closest capital is.
RWhat G219 is; the only that directly links Lhasa and Kashgar
SWar between the neighboring countries that occured in 1962
TAutonomous region that borders Aksai Chin
XThe country in C includes Aksai Chin in this autonomous region.

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