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Name the largest islands of Franz-Joseph Land from the provided clues.

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named forislandclue
A British monarch, before he was King1. son of a King; 2. given name of Clooney, actor
Count W., an Austrian explorerPolish name diminutive of 'Wilk' (=little wolf)
Alexander G. B, inventer of the telephone1. a type of flour; 2. a percussive instrument that rings
The Grand Duchess A. Pavlovna of Russianame related to the Macedonian who conquered all of Persia
Charles Francis H., American explorera corridor, a meeting room
Rollin Daniel S., American geologista city in Wiltshire, England
Francis Leopold M., Irish explorerGaelic name variously recorded as M'Ilandick, M'Illandag...
Frederick George J., English explorerthe 'King of Pop'
Captain L. R. Le Noury, French courier1. French article. 2. French word : 'place full of blackberry-bush'
Sir Joseph Dalton H., English naturalistsomeone who fishes with a certain curved metal object.
William Z., American industrialist German surname meaning 'brick-maker'
William S. C., chief of a rescue operationFrench word for 'field, crop'
Prince L. Amedeo, Duke of the AbruzziNintendo's character, brother of Mario
S.-Hoogstraeten, Austrian noble familyobsolete form of 'psalm'
Alfred Wilhelm K. A. Graf von S.-Hoogstr.1. Name of Marx; 2. The Macedonian king who conquered Persia
Archduke R., prince of Austriathe 'the Red-Nosed Reindeer'
Thomas Baring, 1st Earl of N.a compass point + mountains in Alaska (with no 'S')
E. Nansen, Norwegian mezzo-soprano1. first woman in the Bible; 2. Norwegian for 'life'
W. N., a city in AustriaGerman for: 1. 'Viennese'; 2. 'new city'
Henry B., 1st Baron Aberdarea shark, in 'Finding Nemo'

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