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Can you name the Seinfeld Phrases: Fill In The Blank?

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Latvian _____
Significant _____
Marine _____
_____ Vandelay
Poppie's a little _____
Queen of the _____
Sweet fancy _____
Dr. Tim _____
Label _____ Jr.
Black and White _____
Cinnamon _____
Got No Green Lantern and Lois _____
_____ Store
Van _____ Boys
J. _____
Top of the _____ to You!
_____ Publishing
David _____
It's in the _____
Counterclockwise _____
_____ Industrial Smooting
He took it _____
New Format: Scandals and _____
Super Terrific _____
Yamahama, it's _____
O'Brien and _____
A _____ for the rest of us.
Fusili _____
The _____ Salad
Kenny _____
Kramer's mother, _____ Kramer.
Frank and _____ Costanza
Del Boca _____
Astronaut _____
Keith _____
That is one magic _____
_____ Coffee Shop
_____ Sombrero
I have seen the _____ on your soul!
_____ DeMornay
Who does not want to wear the _____?
No _____ for you!
Soup _____
Scarsdale _____
Cousin _____
Jack _____
_____ Benes, Elaine's father
I choose not to _____

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