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Babu Bhatt is from this country.
Yev Kassem, or Soup Nazi, is from this country.
Kramer accidentally burns the flag of this place.
David Putty supports the hockey team from this state.
Donna Chang is not from this country.
Manya, who had a pony, is from this country.
Bob Cobb, or Maestro, claims that there are no houses available in this place.
J. Peterman goes to this country when he leaves Elaine in charge.
Jerry's parents live in this state.
The show takes place in this state.
Jean-Paul Jean-Paul is from this country.
Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are arrested in this state.
When Jerry takes his keys back from Kramer, Kramer goes here.
A man from this country ruins Kramer's and Newman's game of Risk.
The baseball team from this city sends their executives to spend time with George.
Sue Ellen Mischke has a wedding in this country.
Jerry dates the Miss America contestant from this state.
Elaine supports the baseball team from this city.
Elaine is actually from this city, not the city with a pro baseball team.
Estelle won't drive a car from this country.
Frank speaks the language spoken in this former country.
The former dictator of this country may be a double parker.
Kramer gets the star of the NBA team from this state kicked out of a game against the Knicks.
George pretends to be from this southern capital.
George claims to have a house in this area of New York.

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