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Forced Order
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GD's real name?
GD's birthdate? (dd-mm-yyyy)
He and Daesung transferred to this university?
The names of GD's dogs?
GD's elder sister name?
What is the name of GD's cafe at Jeju Island?
What is GD's clothing line called?
GD's solo song that achieved Perfect all-kill?
What is the name of kids group GD joined when he's 7?
GD trained under SM for how many years?
GD's pension called?
How many tattoos does GD have?
What is the brand of the car that GD owns?
GD's duet song with Park Myung Soo?
GD's solo song at BIGBANG Alive tour 2012?
GD's solo album that received Album Of The Year at 22nd Seoul Music Awards?
What is the program that GD made his first TV appearance?
GD received Best Couple Award at MBC Entertainment Awards with who?
GD made his acting debut at?
How many copyrighted songs does GD have?
GD's personal net worth?
GD's music video that filmed by 1000 fans?
Which Zion.T song did GD featured in?
The title of the duet song with Jung Hyung Don?
GD was the first YG artist to appear on this show?
GD's sister fashion shop name?
The girl group that GD wants to join?
GD sang the song 'Good Boy' with who?
GD chooses which SNSD member as his ideal type?
What was the drama that brought GD and Seungri closer?

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