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First Yankee To Record 200 Wins1939
Only Yankee That has recorded 4,000 wins2003
Recorded 41 wins in 1904 for the Highlanders41-12
First no-hitter thrown by a YankeeAgainst Boston in 1917
Only World Series Perfect Gameagainst the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956
Legendary number 7One of the most legendary players of the 50's and 60's
The Great Number 3The greatest baseball player of all time
First Yankee To Lead The League in Batting Average1924
Roger Maris broke Ruth's home run record against who1961
How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit for the YankeesRemember, for the YANKEES, not including other teams
One Yankees nicknameThere are plenty of them
How many World Series have the Yankees won as of 2010this is an easy one
When did the Yankees first appear in pinstripesThats right, they started it
How many home runs did Joe DiMaggio hit as a Yankee rookieit is still a Yankee record
The very first to hit 4 home runs in a 9 inning gameone of the best to wear pinstripes
Gaylord Perry invented his own pitch in 1980 called whatinteresting, very interesting
Lou Gehrig's middle nameyou'll never get this one, unless you look it up...
Reggie Jackson had his own candy bar called whatDiscontinued in 1987 when he retired and reintroduced in 1993 when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame
How many times did Casey Stengel take the Yankees to the World Series in 12 seasons with the YanksThis is just incredible
What was Whitey Ford's winning percentage in his rookie year (1950)This is incredible as well
Two Yankees have thrown 9 shutouts in a single season, name themWhen I found out that this was true, I couldn't believe it
Babe Ruth's most famous home run, the called shot, was hit off of what pitcherOne of the Cubs best pitchers at the time, game 3 of the 1932 World Series
The first outfielder to win back-to-back MVP awardsNo surprise
In 1936, there were 5 Yankees that did whatOne of the most incredible feats that the Yankees have done
In 1936, Tony Lazzeri had how many RBI's in a single gameYankee-like statistic
Waite Hoyt once pitched 3 complete games in a World Series, what was his ERA in those all of those gamesremarkable
How many World Series games how Yogi Berra playedimpressive
Babe Ruth is the only player to ever play how many positions in one World Serieshe even played pitcher!
This player was the first to be paid $21, $22, $23, $24, $25, $26, $27, and $30 millionno surprise at all
August 16, 1948 was a sad day for the Yankees, whyVery sad
Who was the immortal New York Yankee owner from 1973-2008The best owner ever
August 2, 1979 was a horrible day for the Yankees, whyPlane crash

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