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Whose song is heard after Dumbledore dies?
Brother and Sister Gaunt.
Who teaches flying?
What will forever be scarred on Hermione's arm?
Which elf develops a drinking problem?
Which dragon does Viktor choose in Book 4?
This patronus proves Snape's love.
My aunt is Amelia.
Transfigures animals into water goblets.
'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it __ ___ ____.'
When does the battle of Hogwarts take place?
From which vault does Hagrid collect the Philosophers Stone?
Bellatrix, Narcissa and _________.
I don't die because of Nearly- Headless Nick in Book 2.
A spell created by Snape, used by James.
Harry is descended from this fairy tale brother.
Where does Harry live with the Dursleys?
In Book 6, who also tries out for Keeper?
Who is the first to be petrified in Book 2?
In Book 7, she gets seriously injured by Fenrir Greyback.
A gambling cheat in Book 4.
Luna Lovegood's Patronus is a ____?
What is Buckbeak's alternative name?
A whole supply of these were damaged when the DA went to the MOM.
Ron 'has' this disease in book 7.
Trelawney drinks ______.
What is the name of the 'Death Eater' who Harry first meets in the beginning of Book 3?
Antonin ______.
How many Horcruxes are destroyed before Book 7?
Which centaur taught divination?
Tom _______ Riddle.

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