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Can you name the Harry Potter Houses and More!?

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House of the Brave (1)
House 1 Colours
House 1 Animal
House 1 Ghost
House 1 Founder
Head of House 1
House 1 Element
Any Quidditch Captain of House 1
House of the Loyal (2)
House 2 Colours
House 2 Animal
House 2 Ghost
House 2 Founder
Head of House 2
House 2 Element
Any Quidditch Captain of House 2
House of the Intelligent (3)
House 3 Colours
House 3 Animal
House 3 Ghost
House 3 Founder
Head of House 3
House 3 Element
Any Quidditch Captain of House 3
House of the Cunning (4)
House 4 Colours
House 4 Animal
House 4 Ghost
House 4 Founder
Head of House 4
House 4 Element
Any Quidditch Captain of House 4
Where is the Hufflepuff common room near?
Where is the Slytherin common room located?
Who does Nearly-Headless Nick want to join?
Which House is Hermione almost sorted into?
Which House has a connection with food?
Which House Founder was all for changing what students were accepted to Hogwarts?
Who breaks into Gryffindor tower?
Who was Head of Gryffindor House many years ago?

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