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Can you name the Weird Harry Potter Alphabet?

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Neville's grandmother (first name)A
Ginny's favourite jinxB
Armoured knight occupying a painting in Hogwarts (last name)C
Huge harry potter fan (house elf)D
Knight bus driver (first name)E
A toothless brown worm which eats vegetation, especially lettuce and cabbageF
One of draco malfoy's right hand men (first name)G
An object/thing used to hide a part of your soulH
Original owner of the Cloak of Invisibility, brother of Antioch and Cadmus, ancestor of the Potter familyI
Fred and George's best friend (last name) J
Durmstrang Headmaster and death eater (last name)K
A spell that causes a victim to be hoisted into the air and dangle upside-downL
A rare plant that splattered Neville, Harry, Ginny and Luna on the hogwarts expressM
The dragon that Hagrid had to give upN
A spell where the memory of someone is modified in order to forget a certain eventO
Snapes secret nicknameP
Defence against the dark arts teacher year 1Q
Harry impersinated this person while breaking into the Ministry (last name)R
A non-magical person with wizard parentsS
The divination teacher at Hogwarts (last name)T
Instituted into Hogwarts by order of the Minister of Magic (last name)U
Best friend of the Fat Lady (first name)V
The joke shop that Fred and George ownW
Luna Lovegoods father (first name)X
A death eater (last name)Y
Slytherin student, friends with Draco Malfoy (last name)Z

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